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There’s no other makeup ritual that has to be repeated as often as the reapplication of lipsticks, liners and glosses.

Permanent Lip Color-

Permanent makeup is used to change the shape, size and color of uneven, thin or pale lips. It can dramatically rejuvenate lips by camouflaging the facial lines around the lips, creating a beautiful, crisp, smooth lipline and preventing bleeding of lipstick. A wide variety of colors and shades can be achieved from the very soft to the more dramatic.


Lip Enhancement-


Let us enhance your lips and you can be your active self, secure in the knowledge that your lips won’t disappear, wash away in the pool or melt in the heat!

Gentle lip enhancement softly defines your lips with color that matches your natural lip color. Get the look you want – from slightly blushed lips to pouty lips, we’ll custom-blend the color. After enhancement, just gloss and go!


Lipliner with Blend-


Uneven lip lines can make a woman look tired or mad. Restoring a lipline and that gently blends into the lip does smiles a wonder. No more thin upper lips that disappear. Colors are custom blended in your very own natural color palette – you’ll look in the mirror and say “Wow, I look like me, only better”!

Full Lip Color-


Permanent lip color means no more lipstick! We all want beautiful and full rosy lips, for few women are so lucky. Redefinition of an irregular lip line can be accomplished in conjunction with full permanent lip color procedure that will additionally minimize wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth preventing unsightly lipstick bleed-through and give narrow lips a plumped up look.

Full, luscious, lips are yours with permanent cosmetics. Emphasize your lips with and get the perfect, sexy cupids bow you’ve always dreamed of and avoid the mess of lipstick or frustration of discontinued colors. Whether you go dramatic or natural, permanent lip color will give your lips an elegant, finished look all day, every day.


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