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Permanent Eyebrows can fill in sparse eyebrows,  reshape poorly arched or uneven brows or even give you back your brows if you have suffered eyebrow loss — all to revitalize your appearance…it’s like having a “non-surgical” brow lift!

With permanent eyebrows, there is virtually no “down time”. The implanted color will be slightly darker for the first two to three days until the top layer exfoliates resulting in a softer more natural appearance of the brow. Healing is usually completed in 5-7 days. Your homework, simply to keep the treated brows comfortable with Coconut Oil.

New Permanent Eyebrow Procedures-

At your initial appointment, your brow/forehead area will be cleansed and prepped with a pre-numbing cream. Upon consultation, color options will be applied to your forehead so the best possible color for you will be chosen.  Having the right color is most vital and must align with your natural skin tone and hair color. The next step is the eyebrow design. Once you have approved the eyebrow design and the application technique, it’s time to tattoo! In 30-40 minutes you will look and feel like the best version of yourself!

The styles and techniques include using one or a combination of the following techniques:

  • hair stroke simulation (some call it feathering) or microblading

  • “powder-like” shading from soft to heavy

  • color washes rendering soft color fill-in and enhance background


Your second appointment (follow-up or perfecting session) is scheduled 4-6 weeks later and begins with a consultation to discuss what, if any, adjustments are needed, along with a second application of color to provide longevity and enhance the shape, assuring the natural results you desire. Each 1 1/2 to 2 hour appointment allows time to analyze your facial geometry, skin health, and body colors in order to create the best, most natural look for you personally.

Touch Up or Refresh Your Brows-

Many ask, “Are permanent eyebrows really permanent?” The answer is no. While eyebrows are there when you wake up each day they need to be refreshed or touched up periodically. If you have existing eyebrow tattoos and are penciling them on or adding to them daily you are ready for a maintenance touch up appointment. This is usually a one-appointment process and the fee is usually half of your original fee or there about. Additional fees may apply if you need correction of color or design.

It is a privilege to provide you with the basic details of the permanent eyebrow procedure and what you can expect. Eyebrows do make a difference and permanent eyebrows will boost your self- esteem helping you achieve your natural magnificence.  Below are a couple short videos to show you what to expect and what Microblading "looks like".

What to Expect

What to Expect

Watch Now


Watch Now

Wake Up Gorgeous Everyday

eyebrow mapping

Reshape Your Brows

microblading photo

Fill In Your Brows

powdered brows

Make a

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